Dried Squid
M-001 Dried Squid with Skin
M-002 Dried Arrow Squid (Without Skin)
M-003 Dried Skinless Squid
M-003.1 Dried Skinless Squid with Head
M-003.2 Dried Skinless Squid without Head
M-004 Dried Squid Head
M-005 Dried Round Squid
M-006 Dried Octopus
M-006.1 Dried Octopus (Small)
M-006.2 Dried Octopus (Medium)
M-006.3 Dried Octopus (Large)
M-007 Dried Squid
M-007.1 Dried Black Squid
M-007.2 Argentina Dried Squid
M-008 Seasoned Squid
M-008.1 Seasoned Cuttle Fish
M-008.2 Shreded Seasoned Cuttle Fish
M-008.3 Shredded Dried Squid
M-008.4 Shreded Dried Squid
M-008.5 Stretched Dried Squid
M-008.6 Crispy Seasoned Dried Squid
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