Dried Fish
P-001 Dried Anchovy
P-001.1 Dried Anchovy with Head
P-001.2 Dried Anchovy without Head
P-002 Fried Anchovy
P-002.1 Fried Anchovy with Sesame
P-002.2 Fried Anchovy without Sesame
P-003 Dried Glassfish
P-004 Dried Silver Fish
P-004.1 Tiny Dried Fish (Medium)
P-004.2 Tiny Dried Fish (Small)
P-005 Dried Twisted-Jaw Sheatfish
P-006 Dried Whisker Sheatfish
P-007 Dried Salted Fish
P-007.1 Dried Salted Mackerel
P-007.2 Dried Salted Haddock
P-007.3 Bottled Salted Fish
P-008 Dried Sweet Catfish
P-008.1 Round Dried Sweet Catfish
P-008.2 Long Dried Sweet Catfish
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